Student FAQs’

The LL.B Degree Programme comprises of four year academic study programme. It takes four years to complete the Degree Programme.

Each academic year of the Degree Programme consists of two Semesters with lectures, discussion, tutorials, legal clinics etc being conducted for Course Units offered for that year. In-Course Assessments and End-of-Course Examinations will be conducted for each Course Unit during the course of the Semester and at the end of the Semester respectively.

The performance of a student shall be evaluated through a system of in-course assessment.

The in-course assessment will be based on the performance of the students at Take-Home Assignments, Term Papers, Class Room Tests, Seminars, Demonstrations, Performances, Recitals, Workshops, Tutorials, Legal Clinics, Projects, Paper-Presentations, Mid-Semester Examination and/or any other form of exercise decided by the Faculty Board.

A Semester Examination will be conducted in respect of all the course units at the end of the Semester after the completion of the teaching allocated for that Semester.

A student shall not be permitted to take a Semester Examination unless the Head of the Department has certified that s/he has satisfied the requirements of the relevant Course Units, including regular attendance at classes and submission of assignments at the appropriate time, as prescribed by the Senate on the recommendation of the Faculty Board.

It shall be the responsibility and duty of the students to attend and participate at not less than 80% , of all the different forms of instructions employed for a given course.

No student shall keep away from attending the different forms of instructions for more than three consecutive days without informing and obtaining the written approval of the Head of the Department.

The curriculum for the Bachelor of Laws degree is designed to be taught in English medium. Though the university offers course units in English and assess the knowledge in English for a period of 3 years continuously through English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC), the students are expected to take extra steps to enhance the competency in English Language so that they could continue with the study programme with confidence.

After successfully completing the LL.B Degree at the Department of Law, University of Jaffna, in order to become a lawyer, law graduates have to pass the Final Examination conducted by the Sri Lanka Law College, which is administered by the Council of Legal Education. LL.B graduates are exempted only from the Preliminary and Intermediate Examinations.

Once the Final Examination of the Law College is completed, students have to undergo a period of six month apprenticeship with a senior lawyer, in addition to following the practical training programme conducted by the Law College.

In case of any questions/ assistance with regard to your academic work or student welfare-related needs your first point of contact is the Head of the Department. Please come see our Management Assistant who will be happy to schedule an appointment with the Head.


With regard to student clash, ragging et al you should immediately contact the Department’s student counsellors. Their contact information is available from the Department.