About the Programme

Law manages to affect everything, and is closely inter connected with other disciplines, particularly the social sciences. From international relations in international law, to medicine in tort law, to sociology in family law, to economics in contract law, the law interacts with a wide variety of disciplines.

We encourage our students to take a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of law while at the same time firmly grounding themselves in the foundations of that which makes law a distinct discipline. We aspire to teach, study and research the law both as an academic discipline of its own standing while also exploring its multi-disciplinary contours. We are concerned equally with producing technically sound lawyers as well as kindling the spirit of constantly asking the question of what the law ought to be. In other words our philosophy of teaching places equal importance on the question of ‘what is the law?’ as well as on ‘what ought to be the law?’. This we believe is what distinguishes an academic study of the law from a professional study of the law.

The Programme of Study leading to the Degree of Bachelor of Laws consists four academic years’ duration. The four academic years shall be known as the

(i) Bachelor of Laws Year I Programme

(ii) Bachelor of Laws Year II Programme

(iii) Bachelor of Laws Year III Programme

(iv) Bachelor of Laws Year IV Programme

A student shall take course units aggregating to 30 credits in each year of the Degree Programme. A Student should earn a total of 120 Credits in all four years of the Degree Programme.

A student may, with the approval of the Head of the Department of Law, take two more Elective Course Units in addition to the stipulated minimum number of Course Units in the third / fourth year. The performance at these Course Units will not be taken into consideration in the computation of the Grade Point Average (GPA).